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Inspiration from Exceptional Student Work

Can students in any grade and any school create exceptional work that inspires others and impacts their communities? Can they accomplish these lofty goals while also meeting academic standards? Should education enable students to create something valuable, something more than a … Continue reading

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Deeper Learning and Innovative Schools

After one semester of graduate school, I have been inspired to look for innovative approaches to education. During my three years of teaching, I became increasingly frustrated by the traditional structure that prevails in the majority of our public high schools. … Continue reading

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(Educational) Holiday Handouts

Now that I have turned in my final papers and projects for the semester, I am able to relax during the second half of December for the first time in years. In the classroom, the weeks leading up to winter break always … Continue reading

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Connectivism Reflection

In an earlier post (Sept. 18), I wrote that learning about connectivism has made me rethink how I ask students to respond to literature and participate outside of class. To review, the guiding principles in a connectivist class are “that each … Continue reading

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Constructionism: Learning Through Creating

What is constructionism? This semester, I was fortunate enough to take a class based on constructionism, a philosophy developed by Seymour Papert. Constructionism builds upon Piaget’s philosophy of constructivism, which proposes that learners do not directly receive knowledge but rather construct knowledge … Continue reading

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Defining Success in Education

One of my initial purposes for this blog was to examine the purpose of English education and of education in general. My coursework, discussions, and readings in all of my classes this semester have strengthened my belief that stakeholders in education … Continue reading

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Online Discussions: Pros and Cons

This week, I attended an online class session for the first time. My T509 course used Unhangout, a platform created through the MIT Media Lab. This platform allows participants/students to view instructional material as a whole class and then split up … Continue reading

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